Turning Manchester United into Indonesia United


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BOLBAL in the making, smiles in between

Inilah kaos MU yang saya produksi dan kini tidak laku kata Pak Yayan.

Pak Yayan Sofyan, the owner of a small t-shirt store in Bandung who produced football t-shirts losses about 25 million rupiahs ($2500) when Manchester United canceled their match in jakarta a few hours after Jakarta bombing.

So he was very thankful when BOLBAL came with the offer to buy his unsold football shirts and recycle them into #indonesiaunite t-shirts.

Kaos MU yang menanti untuk didaur ulang oleh BOLBAL

During the re-production to make sure BOLBAL t-shirt will be ready on the 1st of august, one of BOLBAL crew spend some time at Pak Yayan’s workshop.

Being the first to see the idea comes to life was rewarding.

But looking at Pak Yayan’s smile while he was working, knowing there’s still hope to carry on with business, was a bigger thing that we want to share with all of you here.

(More photos)

photographer: Aldo Khalid


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