Turning Manchester United into Indonesia United


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17-8-45 at Gedung Merdeka

Bolbal’s Aldo Khalid made a special photo session at Gedung Merdeka, Bandung.

Unique serial numbers printed at the back of the t-shirt for the 1st batch (100 t-shirts). The special serial number 17, 8 and 45 will be sold separately along with number 1 and 100. How, where and when? Wait for more updates from Bolbal!

#indonesiaunite printed at the front part of the t-shirt. Available sizes:  S, M, L and XL

Bolbal t-shirts will be available at Wadezig! Jakarta and Kamar Butik Kelapa Gading on the 1st of August.

More photos from the session


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  1. mantep…. sip sip banget

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