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Bolbal Tees with Garuda Pin!

Hey all, it’s Thursday 6th of August and that means … we are delivering the 2nd batch of Bolbal Tees to our partner stores again!

And we got something special on this 2nd batch. Of all the t-shirts that we shipped, we put some nice cool limited edition Garuda Pancasila pins randomly. So, if you’re lucky enough, you can grab that cool pin when you buy your bolbal t-shirt.

Again, you can buy bolbal shirts on our partner stores at:

  • WADEZIG! Jakarta,  Jl. Lamandau IV/18 Jakarta, phone: 021-7257059
  • Butik Kamar La Piazza, Kelapa Gading, phone: 021-93856740

So what are you waiting for? support your local street vendors by buying bolbal t-shirts, now!


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  1. […] oh katanya 2nd batch ini bakalan ada pin Garuda Pancasila dalam jumlah sangat terbatas yang diletakkan secara acak di kaos Bolbal. jadi siapa yang beruntung, bakalan nemuin pin di kaos yang dibelinya. Info selengkapnya baca di sini. […]

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